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The Ultimate Guide to Exercise for Dogs 

If you’ve fallen short on keeping your dog active, it’s time to implement some changes to your routine. Exercise is invaluable to our four-legged companions, as it keeps your dog physically healthy and mentally stimulated. Exercise is one of the leading ways to combat destructive behaviors and concerning health conditions. As such, we’re here to provide you with some excellent ideas to get your pet moving to promote optimal health and happiness.

At-Home Activities

Exercising your dog does not have to be an all day event or even an activity that requires leaving the house. At-home activities are an excellent way to get your dog physically fit, mentally stimulated, and engaged with your family. This may include some play-time in the backyard, fetch, Frisbee, or even interactive dog toys.

Exercise Adventures

If you want to get active alongside your companion, exercise adventures are a good place to start. This can be as simple or as intense as you’d like. You may start off with an easy 30 minute walk each day, allowing your pet plenty of time to sniff around new areas. From there, you may work your way up to runs with your dog or hikes in local state parks. If your dog loves the water, you may even consider finding a safe area like a dog-friendly beach for your pet to swim off-leash.

Doggy Daycare

If your schedule is packed, don’t worry, there are still ways to get your dog active and engaged. Consider doggy daycare programs for your pet. Doggy daycare offers day-time programs that often include morning, evening, or all-day sessions. During your pet’s day at doggy daycare, they will get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation with the workers and other dogs. Then, when you pick them up at the end of their day, they will be nice and tired, ready to relax with you without compromising on their daily exercise needs.

For more information on how to incorporate more physical activity in your dog’s life, contact your trusted veterinarian today.