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Take a Look at These Benefits of Spaying & Neutering Pets

Spaying or neutering your pet can save its life, in addition to preventing unwanted pet pregnancies. Spaying and neutering is a routine procedure with little risk of complications. The procedure has health and behavioral benefits, including:

Longer Lifespan

Pets that are spayed and neutered typically have a longer lifespan than pets who undergo multiple pregnancies. Neutering male pets prevents testicular cancer. Spaying female pets prevents ovarian cancer and lowers the risk of breast and uterine cancer. Your pet will also be less likely to try to escape to find a mate, which means their risk of injury, illness, and disease will be lowered. 

Reduced Risk of Behavioral Issues

Pets that are in heat or looking for a mate display unwanted behavior. Male pets mark their territory by urinating inside and outside the home. Female pets also urinate inside and outside and may make messes due to being in heat. Male pets may try to mount or hump humans, other animals, or inanimate objects. Males and females may make loud vocalizations or escape the home to attract a mate. Spaying or neutering your pet will reduce or eliminate these unwanted behaviors.

Lower Risk of Roaming

If your pet is in heat or in search of a mate, they may try to escape your home or yard. This increases their risk of being hit by a car, stolen, injured, or getting into fights with other animals. Pets that roam can go for miles, and may also be at risk of dehydration, heat illness, or starvation.

Prevent Pregnancies

Spaying or neutering your pet will also prevent unwanted pregnancies. You can prevent female pets from going through the stress and trauma of giving birth and becoming at risk of injuries or infections associated with pregnancy and birth. You will also need to be financially responsible for additional pets and ensure they get appropriate veterinary care and find safe, loving homes. 

Make an appointment with your veterinarian today to learn more about the benefits of spaying and neutering.