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Make 2023 Your Pet’s Best Year Yet

The New Year brings 365 days of opportunity for you and your pet. This year while you jot down New Year’s resolution ideas, be mindful of ways you can improve your pet’s health and happiness as well! Here are several beneficial ways to make 2023 your pet’s best year yet.

Get Your Pet Moving

Getting active looks different for all pets. While dogs may benefit from more walks throughout the day or time spent hiking or at the dog park, those are not practical options for your cat. To increase your cat’s activity time, spend time stimulating their predatory instincts with puzzle toys or other toys that get them off the couch! 

Spend More Time with Your Pet 

While we adore our pets, we have a life outside of them. However, to our pets, we are their whole lives. This year make a conscious effort to include more quality time with your furry companion. More time spent cuddling on the couch or enjoying fresh air together are great ways to ensure your pet feels loved and fulfilled. 

Prioritize Grooming 

Getting your pet groomed removes excess fur that otherwise transfers onto your clothes and furniture. Grooming also helps to distribute oils from their skin that contribute to a shinier coat, keeping them looking and feeling their best. In addition, it can show how much you care for them by giving them a relaxing and enjoyable experience, further solidifying your bond.

Book Your Pet’s Annual Veterinary Appointment 

Health conditions are not always apparent. Our pets do not have the ability to use words to communicate their discomfort. Therefore, it’s important to be proactive about their health with regular veterinary check-ups. This year, schedule your pet’s health evaluation in advance to ensure they get the professional care they need to thrive! 

Don’t hesitate to contact your pet’s trusted veterinarian today to schedule their 2023 health evaluation!