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Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

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Your dog’s dental health is an important component of his overall health. Dental health issues can end up affecting your dog’s heart or other organs when not quickly and properly treated. To prevent serious health issues, you can keep your dog’s teeth healthy at home and with regular care from a veterinarian. 

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

In addition to visiting your veterinarian for professional dental cleanings, you can also maintain your dog’s oral health at home. Use veterinarian-recommended toothpaste and toothbrushes to gently brush your dog’s teeth every month. You can also use dental wipes made for dogs if your dog won’t tolerate tooth brushing.

Give Your Dog Safe Chew Toys

Certain chew toys can help maintain your dog’s dental health. Ask your veterinarian to recommend dental treats and chew toys that remove plaque naturally and keep your dog’s teeth safe and healthy. Don’t give your dog chew toys that will damage his gums or teeth or break apart while he chews them. If your dog is chewing a toy that is broken or frayed, take it away from him right away.

Be Aware of the Warning Signs of Dental Health Issues

Be on the lookout for dental health problems that may require an emergency visit to your veterinarian. This includes bad breath, broken or loose teeth, bleeding from the gums or mouth, discolored teeth or gums, excessive or unnatural drooling, swelling around the mouth, and vomiting or refusal to eat. Only a veterinarian can properly evaluate and treat serious dental health issues. 

Visit a Veterinarian Regularly for Dental Checkups

Ask your veterinarian how often your dog should be seen for routine dental checkups. Your veterinarian can provide early detection and treatment of oral health issues so that they don’t become more serious. He or she can also perform professional dental cleanings, exams, and x-rays.

Contact your local veterinarian today to create a dental care plan for your dog.