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Helping Cats Overcome Anxiety


If your cat is overly anxious or stressed, he might resort to destructive behaviors to get your attention. If your cat starts hissing and yowling, scratching, doing his business outside the litterbox, hiding or cowering in fear, or over grooming, he might be stressed out. Make an appointment with your veterinarian and review some ways to help your cat overcome anxiety. 

Determine What is Causing the Anxiety

First, you and your veterinarian need to uncover the underlying cause of your cat’s anxiety. It could be environmental, biological, or a result of a negative interaction with another person or animal. Even minor changes in the environment can stress a cat out, but moving houses, introducing a new person or animal to the home, or excessive noise and traffic frequently trigger anxiety in cats. 

Make Changes to Your Environment

If your cat’s anxiety is due to environmental causes, you can make some changes to your environment. Limit your visitors for a while, and try to keep your home calm, clean, and quiet. Give your cat some extra attention and play time so he can focus his energy and attention on something positive. You can also give your cat a place to escape to when he gets stressed out. Consider using a spare bedroom or bathroom, closet, or under the bed as a special time out area where your cat can retreat when he’s overwhelmed.

Talk to Your Veterinarian

Your veterinarian can help you determine if your cat’s anxiety and stress is due to an underlying health issue that should be addressed. He can also help you find healthy ways to manage your cat’s anxiety. If environmental changes don’t work, your veterinarian might recommend alternative therapies, CBD oil, or prescription anti-anxiety medication.

Schedule a visit with your veterinarian if your cat has anxiety you can’t manage on your own. Your veterinarian can help you find ways to reduce or eliminate anxiety and stress.